Meet the Business Development Team

Allow us to introduce you to the stellar duo who match top talent with first-rate creative.

Meet the Business Development Team

Allow us to introduce you to the stellar duo who match top talent with first-rate creative.

We’re excited to introduce you to the Revolution Pictures business development team! We took a deep dive into the minds of Tom Gibney and Jay Putnam, who had a lot to say about their positions and the future of Revo – projects they’re most interested to spearhead, the uniqueness of our pitch process, and the amazing talent we consistently work with. Don’t be shy, keep scrolling for a spotlight on two star players.

What types of projects would you like to tackle with Revo this year? 

Integrated production projects are one of the company’s strong suits. The diverse skill set of Revo’s directors and photographers, and the company’s production expertise are ideal for executing multi-faceted strategic campaigns. I am also looking forward to more opportunities for virtual reality production. Working with Vu Studios and their LED volume stage and Unreal Engine technology gives us a massive capability to create stunning visuals. And at the same time solve our clients’ logistical and scheduling problems by condensing what would be sprawling multi-location shoots into a controlled creative studio environment. And our expanded roster of directors and photographers is opening up new areas of specialty, from food tabletop to comedy to real people docu-style work. In the end, the constant is that we are always looking for great collaborators with whom to share our passion for producing top-notch creative. 

What are you most excited about working with Revo? 

The production expertise gained from Revo’s 27 years in business is a strong foundation that I respect and know can be counted on. But I am most excited about the creative talent we work with. The roster of directors and photographers, along with the editors and designers, and music creators the company can bring to any given project represents so much talent, experience, diversity, and enthusiasm. My job is to create awareness of this awesome group of creatives and match them up to the right projects.

What’s your favorite project we’ve worked on together and why?

The list is long. From the business development side of things, my favorite projects are usually determined by the efficacy, creativity, and uniqueness of our pitch and the pitch process - from bid to director and producer attachment to treatment to calls, etc. One that stands out is an early collaboration with FlyteVu and Cracker Barrel celebrating female country music icons - Five Decades, One Voice. With an exceedingly quick turnaround for treatment, our director Elizabeth Olmstead set herself apart with a short, to-the-point, powerful ode to her own passion for the creative. Listening closely and openly, we were able to discern specifics in what agency and client were looking for to build a collaborative, communicative bidding foundation to elevate the creative from the very beginning - before any awards were announced or contracts signed. As a result, the transition to production was seamless and held onto a momentum that was already building, leading to what would be one of the more magical shoots I’ve ever witnessed. 

What makes working with Revo unique for our clients?

First and foremost, every opportunity, every client, and every collaborator deserves focused attention and listening - it’s the only way to start off a project with the foundational clarity that creative partnerships demand. It’s in that listening and involvement that we are then able to evolve with the creative, the client, and the teams we assemble. We stay flexible, keeping an eye on the details as they change and ultimately elevate into something we could only dream of. Healthy collaborations start with listening and that’s where we start - as an extension of their team - so we can help our partners’ creative bloom into something beyond our imaginations.

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